Desk and office furniture accessories such as footrests, footstools etc.


Ergonomic Posture

Many people spend more than six hours sitting at a desk and staring at a computer each day. Long hours of sitting put pressure on the muscles and joints, which can be particularly detrimental to the back. Of course, incorrect posture naturally intensifies such problems. In applying good postural habits, correct adjustment of the office chair and desk are paramount. In some cases, however, even the right desk and chair are not enough to ensure ideal posture. We have a solution for this, too: a footrest.


If the height adjustability of your desk is limited and not ideal for smaller people, use of a footrest is recommended. A footrest should be adjustable in height and gradient to enable healthy posture. Initially, adjust the chair so that at the lowest possible height, the underarms rest on the table at right angles. Then adjust the footrest to form a right angle between the shins and thighs. We have a small selection of footrests in our product range; one of them even has built-in heating!

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