Footrests contribute to ergonomic posture at tall desks. As such, they are - particularly for smaller individuals - recommended by medical professionals and health insurance companies. Floor mats protect valuable surfaces from scratches and dirt, a product of shoe scuffs, pebbles or the wheels of your office chair.


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If the desk has limited options for height adjustability and is not suited to smaller users, then the use of a footrest is recommended. This enables healthy posture. To begin using your footrest, first adjust your chair so that the forearms rest at a right angle on your desk. Now, adjust the footrest to form a right angle between your shins and thighs.

A heated footrest is a novelty, especially in winter. It will prevent cold feet and might even stave off the odd winter cold.

Office Mats

In general, the following rule applies to hard and soft floor covers: an office mat protects your floor from additional wear and tear.

Floor mats are available for hard floors (tiles, parquet, laminate, industrial carpets, stone floors etc.) and soft floors (middle- and long-pile carpets). Soft floor office mats have small spikes to ensure that the mat does not move on the carpet. By contrast, hard floor office mats are coated in a slip-resistant layer that keeps the mat in place.

Chair Castors

Our swivel chairs generally come with soft floor castors. We recommend hard floor castors for use with office mats. Some chairs in our range are fitted with multipurpose castors, which are suitable for hard and soft surfaces. The product description will specify which castors come with your chosen product.

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